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Engineering, Microwave & Plasma Technology - InVerTec e.V.

InVerTec e.V. is an institute at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Since 1997, InVerTec e.V. has been practicing applied research and development in the field of combined electrothermal treatment and process intensification.

Institution at
Faculty for Engineering Sciences
(University of Bayreuth)

We at InVerTec see ourselves as intermediaries between industry and research. With our partners at the Faculty for Applied Sciences at the University of Bayreuth and in the industry, we provide technical solutions that go beyond the state-of-the-art.

Process optimization and process development with innovative process technology are our strength. We develop the technology from laboratory to industrial scale. A special focus is on microwave and plasma-assisted methods for process intensification.

By providing the expertise and technical capacities and by way of its own research, Invertec creates the conditions necessary for the development of new processes. In the last fifteen years, we have developed numerous patented processes in the fields of advanced materials and environment & resources and have put them into practice together with our partners.