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InVerTec engineers in a pilot plant
InVerTec engineers in a pilot plant


The developement of energetically efficient and environmentally friendly processes in the field of primary matter and fine chemicals is the primary objective of process technology research and developement at InVerTec.

InVerTec was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization with the aim of practicing interdisciplinary fundamental research and applied science in the field of combined electrothermal treatment and process intensification. Interdisciplinary R&D projects from a concept to a bench-scale model to the pilot plant scale are carried out in cooperation with our partners in the industry, at institutions and by teams workgroups at the University of Bayreuth. in particular at the chairs in the Faculty for Engineering Sciences.

InVerTec provides pilot plants for conceptual and laboratory-scale research, performs experimental work, and does plant engineering. Additionally InVerTec installs and lunches pilot plants at our industrial and institutional partners.

The team

InVerTec’s staff consisst of experienced engineers and technical assistants. Especially in the area of our experimental work, we are supported by student trainees from the University of Bayreuth.


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