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Plant and reactor technologies

Another area of InVerTec's activities is plat construction for research and development purposes. We develop specialized reactors and processes which are tailored to the respective projects. Especially in the field of fluidized-bed reactors and microwave-heated reactors, we benefit from our long-standing expertise. Also, the development of new applications for existing technologies is our concern, always with the objective of developing a more environmentally friendly process or innovative materials. With its multitude of plants, InVerTec has the capability of running a variety of experimantal tests. Furthermore, InVerTec offers the construction of lab-scale units and pilot plants according to customer request.

Selected technology examples

CVD coating:

In the classical Chemical-Vapor-Deposition process, solid materials are vaporized and then deposited onto the surface of a substrate material. InVerTec has the facilities to performe several different CVD-procedures. As precursor trichlorosilane, acetonitrile, and hexamethyldisilazane are all possible. Even the possibility to work with silane gas (SiH4) is given.
-> Production of solar-grade silicon by a CVD process

Sinter furnaces:

For research on ceramic or metallic materials, conventional or microwave-heated sinter plants are available.


Fluidized-bed-reactors are used in a variety of processes at InVerTec. The field of applications ranges from recycling of plastics, to CVD processes to plasma treatments.
-> PTFE recycling

-> Production of solar grade silicon by a CVD process

Microwave heated plants/ Plasma reactors:

Microwave heating technology is one of InVerTec's core competencies. Several applications can benefit from the reasonable usage of MW energy. Frequently a significant increase in energy efficiency can be achieved.
-> MW & plasma technology

Continuously stirred tank reactor


Special plants